Our Company

We are a company with strong roots in agriculture. As a team from agricultural communities with rich professional experience in farm inputs business, we believe that crop productivity must address both crop and soil health. We hold agriculture sustainability close to our hearts and enjoy what we do to enhance crop productivity with food safety.

Our Goal

Our goal is to innovate Natural, Organic and Sustainable products for global agriculture, green industry and consumer gardens. Over next four decades, the challenge to provide food, fiber and fuel to the anticipated 9 Billion global population with shrinking crop land is a concern. This hard fact direct us to be part of innovators for holistic solutions. As a natural crop solution provider, we take pride to support emerging global Organic crop production and protection markets as an additional means of enhancing food quality and safety.

Our Science Vision

We nurture a strong passion for science and our products deeply relies on scientific and sustainability merits. Our focus is products that offer both Crop and soil rhizosphere microbial productivity for symbiotic benefits. Science teaches us that healthy plants support scores of microbes and they indeed support plant health. Soils are dynamic living systems that needs sustainable inputs. Just to know, a cup of healthy soil contains 200 billion bacteria, 20 million protozoans, 100,000 meters fungi, 100,000 nematodes, 50,000 arthropods and many more that work around the clock for crops. That’s why our products are designed to meet wholesome plant and beneficial microbe needs for sustainable crop performance.

Our Promise

Our company will make every effort in innovating carbon neutral products and processes for our environmental support. We consider health of users and consumers paramount importance and therefore our products are derived from Natural, Biological and GRAS materials. Our products are user and consumer friendly and promise not to rely on ingredients detrimental to health of people, pets and environment.

Our Mission

Innovate and manufacture products for globally important crops such as Cereals , potato, sugarcane and horticulture in following crop support functions:
      ♦  Crop productivity enhancement with natural crop stimulants.
      ♦  Crop resistance enhancement with natural crop immunizers.
      ♦  Drought stress mitigation with natural crop modulators.
      ♦  Crop protection and food safety with bio-rational products


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